We treat each case with an individual approach based on its specifics and we are responsible to the commitments we undertake. In order to support our clients, we work in close cooperation with notaries, accountants, psychologists, translators, interpreters and other professionals, which enables us to organize in a comprehensive manner the work assigned to us and most importantly saves time and unnecessary expenses for our clients.

   Our priorities are expedience, efficiency, fairness, loyalty and exceptional quality of the provided legal services. The key goal of our team is to keep our client satisfied, as we believe

that this would be the best recommendation of all we can have.

   An essential feature of our firm is how we work with our clients – we believe that first of all each case needs to be examined in detail, we then explain all methods available

for resolving the particular matter, comparing their pros and cons and providing our professional opinion, and finally we let our client decide on the direction of our joint effort so as to achieve the desired results.

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Ruseva & Boneva Law Firm provides high quality legal services to Bulgarian and foreign legal entities and natural persons in Bulgarian, Spanish and English language.

Legal advice in the area of:

Public Procurement;

– Civil, commercial, property, insurance, administrative, family and inheritance, labour, tax, medical, pharmaceutical and criminal law;

Bankruptcy / Insolvency;

Registration of companies, changes in the company file, transformation and winding up of merchants and commercial companies;

Subscription-based legal services for companies;

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