• Subscription-based legal services for companies;
  • Registration of companies, changes in the company file, transformation and winding

    up of merchants and business companies;

  • Legal advice to Bulgarian and foreign business companies in connection with their

    management and activity;

  • Establishing consortiums and holding companies;
  • Preparing agreements for the business activity of companies in various sectors of the

economy: Agreements for sale and purchase of goods or services; Lease Agreements;

Loan Agreements; Leasing Agreements;

Agreements for Assignment of Commercial Enterpris;

Assignment Agreements; Distribution Agreements; Commission Agreements,

Intermediation Agreements, Design Agreements, etc.;

  • Preparing management agreements and agreements with authorized signatories,

    commercial agents and authorized persons;

  • Legal advice on commercial transactions;
  • Litigation in commercial lawsuits before all court instances and arbitration;
  • Representation and legal advice in insolvency and liquidation proceedings;
  • Representation in connection with the obtaining of permits and licenses;
  • Representation in negotiations and mediation;
  • Representation in front of various institutions and agencies in connection with

    registrations under special laws, obtaining licenses and permits;

  • Preparing documents in connection with the company’s activity – certificates, orders,

    memorandums of association, resolutions, invitations, etc.;

  • Representation in the registration of collaterals and guarantees in commercial

    agreements and mortgages;

  • Representation in enforcement and security proceedings.