• Powers of attorney, preliminary contracts, letters before action (notary invitations),

    notary deeds, delivery and acceptance certificates, receipts, declarations, promissory

    notes, etc.;

  • Contracts for lease of real estate;
  • The required documentation in connection with the establishing of condominium

    property and its subsequent management;

  • Employment contracts, job descriptions, orders for dismissal, agreements for

    termination of employment relationships, disciplinary penalties, recruitment

    procedures as per the Labor Code, etc.;

  • Nuptial agreements;
  • Statements of will;
  • Preliminary agreements, powers of attorney, receipts and contracts for sale and

    purchase of motor vehicles;

  • Preliminary agreements, powers of attorney, receipts and contracts for sale and purchase

    of vehicles for which a notary certification is not required;

  • Complaints to the police department and the prosecution office;
  • Statements of claim;
  • Rebuttals to statements of claim;
  • Out-of-court settlements;
  • Contracts for the business activity of companies operating in various sectors of the

    economy: agreements for sale and purchase of goods and services; lease agreements;

    loan agreements; leasing agreements; agreements for assignment of commercial

    enterprise; assignment agreements; distribution agreements; commission-based work

    agreements, agency agreements, design agreements, etc.;

  • Agreements for management and agreements with signatories, commercial

    intermediaries and authorized persons;

  • Documents in connection with the activity of the company – certificates, orders,

    memorandums of association, resolutions, invitations, etc.;

  • Documents in connection with the registration of companies, changes in the company

    case, transformation and winding up of merchants and business companies;

  • Written claims against insurance providers;
  • Written objections against a refusal for payment of an insurance compensation;
  • Written request to the insurance provider for an additional payment in case of

    underpayment of insurance compensation;

  • Complaints to the Financial Supervision Commission in case of refusal for payment of

    insurance compensation;

  • Documentation in connection with the participation in public procurements;
  • Complaints to the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC);
  • The required documentation in connection with license, permit and registration


  • Specialized contracts related to the providing of medical services;
  • Internal deeds regulating the activity of healthcare facilities;
  • Documentation for accreditation of hospitals and clinics.