Ruseva & Nikolova Law Firm provides high quality legal services to Bulgarian and foreign legal entities and natural persons in Bulgarian, Spanish and English language.
In order to support our clients, we work in close cooperation with notaries, accountants, psychologists, translators, interpreters and other professionals, which enables us to organize in a comprehensive manner the work assigned to us and most importantly saves time and unnecessary expenses for our clients.

Legal advice in the area of:

  • Public procurements;
  • Civil, commercial, property, insurance, administrative, family and inheritance, labour, tax, medical, pharmaceutical and criminal law;
  • Insolvency proceedings;
  • Registration of companies, changes in the company file, transformation and winding up of merchants and commercial companies;


  • before all court instances in civil, labour, commercial, administrative, divorce, tax, enforcement cases, property-law cases, criminal cases and lawsuits against insurance companies;
  • before an arbitration panel;
  • in connection with the securing of a future claim;
  • in the preparing and registration of collaterals and guarantees under commercial contracts and mortgages;
  • in the conducting of negotiations for out-of-court settlement of disputes;
  • before administrative authorities in connection with proceedings for issuing of various administrative deeds;
  • in notary proceedings;
  • before the Public Procurement Agency (PPA), the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC), the National Social Security Institute (NSSI), the National Revenue Agency (NRA), the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), the Regional Health Insurance Funds (RHIF), the Medical Audit Executive Agency, the Regional Health Inspection Offices, the Registry Agency, etc.;
  • before insurance companies in connection with the payment of insurance compensations.

Subscription-based legal services for companies:

Priority services provided by a lawyer familiar in advance with the overall activity of the company. The services include oral and written advice, drafting of documents, contracts, enteringchangesintheCommercialRegister, etc. The advantages are several: tranquility and security, a fixed monthly subscription fee and limiting the cost of legal staff.


Powers of attorney; preliminary contracts; contracts for the business activity of companies operating in various sectors of the economy; contracts for lease of real estate; employment contracts; nuptial agreements; statements of will; complaints to the police department and the prosecution office; letters before action (notary invitations), notary deeds, delivery and acceptance certificates, receipts, declarations, promissory notes, etc.;

The key goal of our team is to keep our client satisfied, as we believe that this would be the best recommendation of all we can have!